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Job Number6264
Job TitleAssembler III
Salary Range$22.50/hr
Requirements1+ HAND SOLDERING EXPERIENCE UNDER A MICROSCOPE High School Diploma or equivalent J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610 Certification Prior experience with assembly, soldering, blueprint reading, and electronic equipment. Knowledge of manufacturing, operating, and inspection techniques. Knowledge of quality control plans
DescriptionAssembles and repairs commercial grade multi-section components using hand tools, mechanical equipment, and standard processes and procedures. Prepares assembly area: determines materials and machinery by reading work orders, following production drawings, and/or receiving verbal instructions regarding duties to be performed. Verifies parts by comparing provided part with part description in work documentation. Prepares tools and equipment: selects hand tools and equipment according to work specification. Sets up equipment to run according to work plan. Modifies and/or enhances part by using a variety of soldering techniques and hand and/or power tools, such as solder block, soldering iron, and various other hand tools. Aligns and joins parts such as leads, coils, wires, tabs, and terminals to housing, using soldering iron and hand or power tools. Periodically tests continuity and connections using ohmmeter or other standard testing equipment. Reports defective materials or questionable conditions to the Production Manager, and develops a plan of action to correct the issues. Assists in maintaining quality production standards by repairing defective parts using basic soldering and/or mechanical repair techniques. Maintains record of work progress: records results of job and/or problems with job in work documentation. Verifies quantity of lot by hand counting or weigh counting using standard scales. Occasionally checks for defects utilizing, visual inspection, and/or simple go/no-go type gauges.