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Job Number6263
Job TitleElectrical Technician
Salary Range$20-25/hr
Requirements2+ years experience. Ability to troubleshoot, test, and perform root cause analysis of linear and switching power supplies, gate drive, analog, and digital circuits. Familiar with schematic capture, circuit simulation tools. Component selection, design evaluation, specification compliance, qualification testing. Be familiar with oscilloscopes, DMM’s, power meters, signal analyzers, and associated test equipment. Familiar with EMI, RFI testing techniques. Skills for wire harness fabrication, electronic equipment fabrication including the ability to layout and design. Soldering and fabrication skills for proto-typing of PCB’s and the ability to work with SMD’s
DescriptionProduction testing and support for the company’s line of high-frequency power electronic systems. Research and apply new technologies required to maintain a competitive advantage. Identify tools, methods, processes and equipment which improve manufacturability, productivity, and quality of products. Produce product to IPC standards. Attention to detail in manufacturing and testing procedures. Good verbal and communication skills along with strong interpersonal skills for interfacing with managers, engineers, shop personnel, subcontractors and customers are required.